Late Night Today: Recap

"For years, George Stanton has stood out from the rest as a Late Night Icon. But, as times change, he has found himself out of touch and is forced off his own show. Now, with the help of an intern-turned producer, George must broadcast his own revolution in the last place that will take him: Public Access Television. Late Night Today follows the fall-and-rise of the biggest name in television as he tries to find a place in a world that has left him behind; where the course of a life hangs on a single moment. He’s done it before, but in this brave new world, can he do it again?"

Written & Directed by: Anthony Peduzzi (who is great, check him out here

Director of Photography: Ralph DiLullo (who is killing it, check him out here)

Late Night Today is officially in post! Here are some shots from the last two weekends of crazy fun, hilarious, incredible shoots. This was the best set to be a part of and I can't wait to see the final cut.


That's a wrap!