Pymatuning Lake straddles the state border between northwestern Pennsylvania and Ohio. As a state park, the lake was a popular place for camping and fishing. Due to the demand for $19 million in budget cuts in 2009, many jobs were lost and over thirty state parks closed. This included those at the north end of Pymatuning Lake. 
The campgrounds and beaches at the north end closed immediately and many of the employees were laid off. Stores were boarded up and homes were abandoned. Tuttle Beach has become home to broken picnic tables and stray cats. The 27 mile stretch to the beach is covered by closed restaurants and old businesses. While staff remains hopeful that the campgrounds will one day reopen, the longer the parks stay closed, the more money it will take to get it back into running condition.
Pymatuning reveals what’s left over in an areas that sits in wait.

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